Teaching & Training


Classes taught by Drs. Gunstad & Spitznagel include:

  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Functional Neuroanatomy
  • Introduction to Psychological Assessment
  • Advanced Psychological Assessment
  • Psychology of Everyday Life
  • Psychology of Exercise



Advanced Training

Graduate students have the opportunity to work with clinical patients in settings including:

Neuropsychology Practicum:

Most students complete their first evaluations as part of the neurpsychology practicum in the KSU Psychology Clinic. Students learn how to administer and score tests, conduct a neuropsychological intake interview, write clinical reports, and provide feedback to patients.

KSU Athletics Concussion Program:

Our lab also assists the KSU Athletics Department through a concussion screening and evaluation program. Student athletes complete computerized cognitive testing at the beginning of the season and re-evaluation following any suspected concussion. We are working with more >400 KSU athletes during this current season.

Center for Senior Health:

An outpatient neuropsychology experience is housed in the Summa Health System Center for Senior Health. Students are part of a multidisciplinary treatment team involving geriatricians, nurses, and social workers, providing full neuropsychological evaluations for differential diagnosis and treatment recommendations in a geriatric population.

Geriatric Psychiatry Inpatient Unit:

An inpatient neuropsychology experience provides neuropsychological consultation to the inpatient psychiatry services of Summa Health System. Students conduct brief neuropsychological exams to assist with discharge planning and treatment recommendations for the geriatric psychiatry unit.

Cleveland Clinic Rotation:

An outpatient neuropsychology experience is
available through the Cleveland Clinic Department of Neuropsychology. Students provide weekly assessments for
neurologic, psychiatric, and neurodegenerative impairment(s) in an adult population, with full assessments for conditions
such as multiple sclerosis, brain injury, stroke, degenerative conditions, and more.